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Netflix’s La Casa De Papel ‘Money Heist’ Season 4: When Is The Big Robbery Happening? Release Date, Cast And Plot Updates

With the massive success of the third season of “La Casa De Papel” or “Money Heist,” the advent of season four of the show is even more anticipated. The announcement that season four of Money heist will happen was done even before the third season came out.

Money Heist became a huge success in its home country, Spain, as well as other countries with large Netflix viewership. The viewership statistics for season three of the show have been quite impressive. Over 34 million views have been generated for the show alone.

Alex Pina, the director of the show, confirmed that they had started filming for season four of Money heist just after they had wrapped up season three, earlier this year. Although season four is already on the threshold, it might be the final season of this particular show.

Source – New Statesman

There can be multiple plausible reasons why this show worked as it did. First and foremost being the essence of the show. Even though it is essentially a thriller and is about a heist, but at the core of it, it is a story about a group of people who live on the periphery of the mainstream society and are looking for a means to make their ends meet.

The director of the show, Alex Pina, has signed a multiple show deal with Netflix and he would be doing two more shows with the online streaming platform, as of now. Along with those shows, he will also be directing the final installment of Money Heist and will take the show to its rightful end.

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