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Nevada Father Murdered 14-Year-Old Son For Being ‘Gay’ And Having A Boyfriend

A Nevada man accused of shooting and murdering his son because the teen is gay while awaiting trial was permitted to live in house detention.

The mom of the boy, who says she is “trafficked,” has asked the office of the District Attorney to investigate.

In 2017, Wendell Melton had charged with the killing in Henderson, Nevada of his 14-year-old son, Giovanni.

Wendell, 53, informed the police during a dispute over the teen skipping college that he murdered Giovanni. He says after Giovanni had shaken him to the ground, he got up, pulled his gun out, and shot the teen in the chest by accident.

source: Ksnv

Although he was only 14, Giovanni was permitted to stay alone in an apartment rented by his dad. Around midnight, Wendell called the police to the house. He was taken to the hospital and died the same day later.

But Veronica Melton, the mother of Giovanni, claims her ex killed her son because he was homosexual.

Sonja Jones, the foster mom to Giovanni, told The Las Vegas Review-Journal Wendell “hated that his son was homosexual.”

“I’m sure he’d rather have a dead child inside of him than a homosexual child,” she said, claiming Giovanni had been “abused physically and mentally and mentally for a long, a long time.”

Giovanni’s siblings supposedly informed Jones that once he caught him with his girlfriend, Wendell was pulling a weapon at his kid.

“I hope they’re throwing the book at him. I hope he never sees daylight,” she said. “I hope every day he looks in a mirror, and he sees his son’s face.” Wendell has been charged with murder, illegal weapon ownership and child abuse, for having a previous conviction of a domestic battery. His initial bond had set at $808,000 but, despite the terrible nature of the charges, the judge reduced the bail to $200,000 at a March 22 hearing.

During the detention, a Henderson police champion informed that the inquiry did not suggest that the sexual orientation of Giovanni had motivated the shootings and that the officials knew no previous problems between dad and son.

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