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Opera Singer Placido Domino Accused For Sexual Harassment By Eight Fellow Singers

He was one of the Three Tenors; the media called him “King of the Opera.”

Eight opera singers and a dancer claim that Placido Domingo (78) sexually harassed them and offered jobs in the return od sexual favors

The women reported to the American news agency AP of numerous attacks over 30 years, starting in the late 1980s. Those who resisted him had been punished and got no more roles.

His aggressive sexual behavior is reported to have been an open secret in the world of opera. Accordingly, Domingo is said to have targeted younger women at the start of their career, persistently harassing and repeatedly calling them late at night, even though they would never have given him their numbers.

One woman said he had put a hand under her skirt, others reported forced wet kisses on the mouth in a cloakroom, a hotel room, and a meal. Two of the women said they had yielded to Domingo’s insistence because they were afraid that they would otherwise mess with the most powerful man in the industry.


In addition to the nine women who accuse the longtime married star of sexual assault, half a dozen other women from the AP news agency reported unpleasant ambiguous advances made by Domingo.

Only one of the nine alleged victims was ready to give her name: Patricia Wulf (61), who sang at the 1998 opera in Washington when Domingo was there artistic director. Although she made it very clear to him that she did not want him, he pushed himself further. She tried to hide, was afraid to leave the dressing room – but he still found a way to get in touch with her.

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