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Will FX ‘Legion’ Return For Season 4? Here’s Everything You Should Know

The fans of the show Legion would love for the show to return after the completion of its third season. It would be fascinating to see how David’s life would unfold after the influence of the shadow king is removed from his life.

The creator of the show, Noah Hawley, had a three-part series planned in the form a show. He had a three-act narrative and a story which could be divided into three parts. Now, it seems the journey of David and comrades has ended. So, it’s a high probability that Legion Season 4 won’t turn out to be a reality.

In season 3, David’s fate is left untold and is not clear as to what will he become without the influence of the shadow king. Only after the departure of the Shadow King, there was a possibility that David’s actual character would’ve played out, whether he was white in character or he had some inherent darkness in him, even with the absence of the Shadow King.

Source – Polygon

The show was never a rating champion, but it provided the viewers with an incredible amount of visual acuity. Legion, supposedly, was one of the most exciting and rewarding comic book adaptations done till date.  With the introduction of X-men series into the Marvel Universe, Legion can only become a peripheral tapestry to the larger scheme of things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But that would mean, they would have to give up their creative autonomy which the show would otherwise never compromise upon.

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