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13 Reasons Why Season 3: 4 Potential Female Suspects And Their Reasons To Kill Bryce Walker

Well as all the fans already know 13 reasons why is coming super soon and this season is going to be all about who killed Bryce walker, well yes Bryce is dead and we will look for his killer in this season, we all know Bryce has not been a right person to anyone in the show he is spoilt brat who uses girls as and when he likes, so there are some theories that fans came up with in regard to who killed Bryce.

source; Daily express

Four potential female suspects:

  1. Jessica, she has sure motive to kill Bryce as we all know he raped her while she was uncautious and this was just the beginning he acted like nothing ever happened, she hasn’t been served justice because she was drunk and her statement cannot stand in the court so in order to get her revenge she might have killed him, well we need to watch the show to see what really happened.
  2. Chloe Rice, she was another victim of Bryce, she had raped, and there were several uncautious pictures taken of her at the school’s clubhouse, she later finds out she is pregnant, Chloe also lied when she was asked to speak against him in the court, well this could be her way to take revenge.
  3. Nora Walker, Bryce’s mother it is hard to see your son destroy so many lives, she always knew what he was and what he has done, but he had saved from prison this could be her way to get justice for all the girls he did wrong to.
  4. Olivia Baker, well she has a full-on purpose of killing Bryce as he had accused of raping Hannah, but he got out of the case because of his robust family background, well this season is going to be fun, and we will see some fantastic discovery.

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