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13 Reasons Why Season 3 Final Trailer Is Here And It Promotes Everyone As The Killer Of Bryce Walker

When everyone was  confused and entangled in the rumors and speculations about Netflix’s most controversial teen drama 13 Reasons Why’s Season 3, Netflix a week ago from nowhere revealed the release date teaser for Season 3 which brought to our notice that the antagonist of Season 1 and Season 2, Bryce Walker has been killed by someone in Season 3. Fans loved the sudden turn in the storyline and have been patiently waiting for 23rd August to see the mystery unfold.

The final trailer of Season 3 has been released by Netflix and it certainly has promoted every character as the killer of Bryce Walker. While the trailer is highly secretive and didn’t reveal any major detail about the season, we have figured out some little things which might guide us to the main face behind the whole killing incident.

It is easy to believe that Clay is not the one who has killed Bryce, while everyone due to his history with Bryce is suspecting him to be the killer. Jessica, on the other hand, has a big reason to kill Bryce but she still won’t kill Bryce which can be implied due to the depiction of her character in previous seasons.

Zach does not hold a strong reason to kill Bryce but his increased closeness with Chloe certainly provides him a reason for taking the step.

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Who killed Bryce Walker? Bryce is dead and the circumstances of his demise make the new season a murderous mystery. Eight months after Tyler (Devin Druid) was prevented from doing an unthinkable feat in Spring Fling, Clay (Dylan Minnette), Tony (Christian Navarro), Jessica (Alisha Boe), Alex (Miles Heizer), Justin ( Brandon Flynn ) and Zach ( Ross Butler ) maintain a cover story while helping Tyler with the healing process.

But after a tumultuous homecoming game in which a football player disappears, Clay himself is suspected by the police. Now the group meets an outsider who wants to guide her through the investigation, which could reveal the deepest secrets of all involved. The stakes are increased and even well-meaning help can change a life forever. 

Grace Saif will play a new character called Annie. Brenda Strong aka Nora, the mother of Bryce and Timothy Granaderos aka Montgomery, are pleased to be promoted to the main cast.

In addition, Netflix has ordered a fourth and final season of the series.

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