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Are There Any Plans For Disney’s Aladdin 2? Here Are The Exclusive Details

Disney may be planning a sequel to ‘Aladdin.’ The 1992 animated live-action remake of the animated cartoon has already grossed more than $ 1 billion at the box office, so the legendary production studio is thinking about launching a second installment.

Whether Guy Ritchie will be re-directed and Will Smith, Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott will again be seen in their roles as Jinni, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine are currently unclear. Producer of the strip, Dan Lin, revealed in an interview with ‘CBR.com.’

“When we made the first movie, we certainly tried to make the best possible movie and see if the fans wanted to see more. And I would say that the audience wants more. You have watched the video several times. We received a lot of fan letters from people who came back with their family and friends. So we think there is more to tell from the story.”

source: Cinemablend

Superstar Will Smith reached a kind of climax with ‘Aladdin,’ the Disney film became the most successful film of his career. In an Instagram clip, Smith was pleased with the record and wrote, “‘Aladdin’ has just been the most successful film of my career! I am honored and I am speechless. (You realize what I’ve done here, you have to be careful) The only thing I can say is … Thank You.”
No doubt Will Smith was at first not ready for the film but later he was convinced and the conclusion is something which he never expected. After having such a big blast over the box office it is certainly not unusual that the production house would be willing to roll out plans for a new installment of the movie soon.

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