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Cops Held Father And Daughter Duo Hostage! Shot Their Dogs!

A father and daughter duo alleged that Tinton Falls Police Officers stood them up on gunpoint and killed their beloved German Shepherds as well, just outside their Green Grove Road home.

Roberton Fullerton and his daughter Bobbi Rene Fullerton are currently in a state to sue the cops of Tinton Falls. The Fullertons claim that their civil rights have been violated and they are demanding proper compensation.  The Fullerton’s Attorney stated that they were victims of excessive force. They were held at gunpoint by this officer (Reyes). They were scared out of their minds. The whole thing was very traumatic.

When 911 was called, the father and daughter were arguing. When police entered their home, the father opened the door but one of their dogs, Sadie, came in front of the police officer and was shot three times.  The officer, then, ordered the father on gunpoint to get to the ground. Then the daughter was moving outside with their other dog Hannah, but then she was also ordered to stick to the ground after Hannah was shot twice. Sadie died on the spot while Hannah was rushed to the veterinary hospital.

Source – Asbury Park Press

The lawyers from the side of the police officers didn’t respond to the debacle that has been going on. According to the courts though, the defendants, in this case, denied all allegations except that Robert Fullerton did comply with an order from Reyes “to get to the ground by getting on his knees.”

This whole incident occurred on Oct. 8, 2017. The suit was filed in November the following year. When the case was filed, the daughter was a juvenile. The lawsuit states that there was no physical assault involved.

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