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Dad Suspected In His Wife’s Murders Too, Who Had Already Charged For Murder Of A Boy In 1988 Under Billboard

North Carolina man John Russell Whitt who had already charged in his son’s murder 1988 would now likely to face additional criminal charges sometimes in next month.

Anna Orr, the Orange County Assistant District Attorney, hasn’t discussed the case in details but says more criminal charges are awaiting for Russell Whitt, who has appeared in court this Monday after the grand jury has indicted him.

Whitt, who is accused in the murder of his ten-year son, Bobby Whitt, and leaving his dead body beneath a billboard along Interstate 85 in Mebane, North Carolina.

source: People

Detectives have been suspecting that Whitt has also killed his 44 years wife Myoung Hwa Cho. The cops have been suspecting that Cho was suffocated in May 1988 as her naked body had found in Spartanburg, South Carolina, which is also along Interstate 85.

Postmortem determines Cho had suffocated while on the other hand, Bobby Whitt died from strangulation likely next month of his mother’s death that is in June 1988. Bobby skeleton was found by the working crews who were cutting the grass beside the highway.

Russell Whitt remains in the custody of police under first-degree murder of his wife and concealment of death stemming from his son’s killing. Including a second-degree murder charge mulled upon Russell by the prosecutors.

Bobby Whitt identity was unknown for years as no missing report had filled against Bobby and their relatives allegedly believed that Cho has returned to her native place South Korea, along with the ten-year-old child.

Although, now, Bobby identity has been disclosed after the DNA results ruined by the genealogy websites.

Russell Whitt is behind the bar since 1999, after pleading guilty to six counts of armed bank robbery, and won’t be released until 2037 under this charge and now even more criminal charges are awaiting for him.

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