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Hailey Baldwin Is Not Falling For Justin Bieber Cheating Rumors With Selena Gomez, But The Fans Are!

The youngest couple and the Romeo and Juliet of the industry Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, who was believed to end their love by marrying each other, had a rollercoaster relationship. They always had on and off love amidst them. Whenever their fans thought this time they are going to lives happily suddenly, a message pops up on social media which confirms their breakup.

This thing continued for six years, and immediately after breaking up with Selena, Justin started romancing his childhood friend and supermodel, Hailey Baldwin.
Soon this duo tied the knots and are living happily.

But Jelena fans still think that Justin cheated Selena while they were in a relationship. When their fans’ were dreaming both of them walking down the aisle and saying “yes” shocking news came up which said Justin is secretly engaged with Hailey Baldwin.

source: Cosmopolitan

Jelena fans still believe that Hailey is the reason behind their breakup. This came up when Taylor swift got to feud with Justin ‘s manager Scooter Braun. She accused him of bullying her. Justin Bieber took to his Instagram and wrote an apology letter for her.

In that letter, one of Selena’s fan commented ” You cheated on her best friend,” Taylor swift liked the comment but didn’t reply. This action of hers confirmed that Justin cheated Selena.

In an interview, Justin confessed that Selena had and will always have a special place in his heart.

The newlywed couple Justin and Hailey these days are planning to throw a fall wedding for all their friends as they had a secret wedding in New York last September.

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