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Marvel’s Ghost Rider: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The New Hulu Series

Instead of Spirits of Vengeance, the Marvel series are now summarized under the motto Adventure Into Fear. Ghost Rider and Helstrom are to light a dark side of the Marvel Universe while streaming. More series could come to it, according to the Marvel TV boss.

Instead of Netflix, some new dark Marvel heroes in the future run at Hulu. It starts with Marvel’s Ghost Rider and Marvel’s Helstrom, announced under the banner ” Spirits of Vengeance.” According to an interview with Deadline with Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb, this should now change to ” Adventure Into Fear.” Gabriel Luna returns as a Flaming Skull hero after making his debut in the fourth season of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

” We always knew we wanted to do something with Ghost Rider; we just waited for the right place. Then we talked about it, and there is this comic world of the ‘Spirit of Vengeance,’ and they are this great group of characters that includes Ghost Rider, Helstrom and Helstrom’s sister Anna. We suddenly saw that there were three or four series that we could group together and now call ‘Adventure into Fear’ “. One can, therefore, assume that Hulu land is even more supernatural Marvel figures.

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” Adventure Into Fear ” was a horror title from the 70s in which, for example, ” Man-Thing ” (also filmed without success yet) and ” Morbius ” (being shot by Sony) were in focus. Besides, Loeb insists that it would be no horror titles, but ” terror ” series.

” No, it’s terror, when you say horror, it means many other things. It’s all from ‘Saw,’ which is the last thing we want to do, to a monster running around. What we love is that we can show a Marvel hero who is feared and believed to be a monster. But as history shows, you notice, ‘Oh, I’m the hero of the story. I’m not the villain of the story ‘. This is something we have not done before. “Whether the word of terror is something to advertise today is another matter.

It is also unclear what other characters could land at Hulu. Man-thing, who looks very similar to Swamp Thing, could be a character. Loeb did not want to comment on the potential new ABC series on female heroes. At the same time, he says that Marvel TV could also produce series for Disney + and emphasized that the MCU series are separate from his duties. Also, Hulu runs the cartoon series around The Offenders.

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