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Netflix’s La Casa De Papel ‘Money Heist’: Everything About Season 4

It is rumored that the filming of “Money Heist” Season 4 has already begun! A message that has made fans particularly happy, as many can not wait for the sequel. However, it is not yet known when precisely this second part will start. 

There are two options: either Netflix sticks to its annual program, and the Spanish original will be released in the summer of 2020. Or the streaming service will opt for a faster version and release new material this winter. 

Similar to many other fans, we would be happy about the fast version. As soon as there is new information about the start date, you will find out here! 

There are many questions to be resolved after the third season! If you have not seen Season 3 of “Money Heist,” you should stop reading NOW, because some SPOILERS will surely follow it. 

Probably the biggest question is whether Nairobi will survive! For those who have forgotten: Nairobi was hit by a sniper when she wanted to take a look at her son Axel. A lousy plan of the new Inspector Alicia.

Source – Telegraph Star

And even the professor himself has fallen into the trap of the police, the love companion Raquel (Lisbon) caught on the run. Knowing the professor was listening by radio, they pretended to have shot Raquel. For the professor, a world collapses. Will his love be deceiving? The fact is: In Season 4, the war against the police will start! 

The third season of “Money Heist” ended with a brutal cliffhanger at the most exciting sport in the series. Only after a few minutes of shock, you realize that it really should have been but not quite.

Because since October 2018 it is clear that there will also be Season 4 of the Netflix series after the Palermo actor Rodrigo de la Serna has revealed in an interview that he has already signed contracts for both seasons.

The break-in to the central bank of Spain is also divided into two seasons. The collapse of the Spanish banknote printing company was already told in two parts. 

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