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Rachel Bilson Opens Up On Possibility Of ‘The OC’ Reboot, Details Inside

The OC was a vital part of a generation’s childhood, and if it were to be rebooted, it would make a lot of people very happy. When the lead actor in the show, Rachel Bilson, was asked about the reboot of The OC, she cheekily replied that as long as her character Summer is not in Bikinis this time, she would attempt the show’s reboot.

Moving on to a serious note, Rachel stated that it was such a great show and a great group. She’s still super close with [series creators] Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. She could trust them with her life. So, anywhere they would go, she would follow. Of course, she’d be open to it. It’s a very fond memory for her and something she’s super grateful for.

Bilson even thought about what her character’s life from the show would be like, after all these years. According to Bilson, Summer would have had kids by now. And she would be fighting for something. Also, she’d have her hands in philanthropic works as well. She further added that it would be highly interesting to see the characters as adults now.

Source – People

Bilson has partnered with La Marca and Propeller after they found out that 86% of women have stress navigating through their usual routines. They usually feel underappreciated for what they do.

Bilson, with her partners, came up with this amazing initiative of “Celebreak” wherein women can, or rather should, celebrate their smallest of victories, be it in career or in their personal life.

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