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Silver Jews Alum David Berman Dies At 52

Hollywood Songwriter, David Berman, critically acclaimed indie Band Silver Jews died, on 7th August 2019 at the age of 52. The Chicago record label that released all of the group’s albums dating back to 1994’s Starlite Walker, Confirmed the Musician death. Although, the reason behind his death had not announced yet.

As well as we know that In July, Berman released a new album under the Moniker Purple Mountains. Berman established himself as a world-class rock lyricist on the following Silver Jews record, 1996’s the “natural bridge.” According to sources, In the year 2005, while the lack of a relationship with his father may have caused the end of Silver Jews. After that, Berman comeback as Purple Mountains had fueled by the disintegration of his marriage. Therefore, all that show this there is something wrong with his personal life as well

Although, Sources claimed that a spokesperson for Nyc’s medical examiner concluded death by suicide. According to international reporters, Berman had suffered from Depression and drug addiction while in Silver Jews. Sources said that Berman had hanged himself, and ruled it Suicide.

source; pitchfork

As well as, we know that, David Berman had founded Silver Jews in 1989. Apart from music writer he also wrote poetry and “Actual Air” is one of the famous poetry books which is composed of Berman respectively.

Although, Berman poems describe his pain and that situation which he is facing in professional and personal life both. In Berman poetry, he revealed his own struggle story which he is facing in his life, Berman, who was about his struggles with drug, alcohol, and depression as well. As well, that’s why he tried to commit suicide in the year,2005.

So, his condition can be estimated by reading his poems, and perhaps this is the reason behind his death. Therefore, there is no confirm the reason behind his death, but this is the unfortunate news for all of us.

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