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Wendy Williams Claims To Be Known About Kevin Hunter’s ‘Double Life’ For Many Years

Wendy Williams claimed to know everything about his husband’s “double life” in a recent interview. She officially filed for a divorce and ended over two decades of marriage. The 55-year-old said she knew all about how Kevin Hunter was fathering a child with a mistress. When asked in the interview, she admitted that it was “very difficult” to not respond to how the daily mail was all over her and her acts.

She said she uses cry during her show that would make her eyes puffy. She said before responding to any of these rumors and act she “had to get my ducks in a row”. The only reason why she did not confront Kevin or replied to the daily mail was that her son was at home and “it was not fair to him”.

She said Cohen during the interview “You know, I’m not going to grab his hand and flee the scene and move zip codes”. Now, that her son Kevin Hunter Jr. has joined high school and is away in college in Miami, Williams is very single.

source: People

She filed the divorce in April and cut all sorts of ties with her husband professionally. Kevin has been removed from the post of Executive producer of the Wendy Williams Show, also she dissolved The Hunter Foundation which was a non-profit organization that she formed with Kevin back in 2014.

Kevin lately admitted his doings by saying he was “not proud of my recent actions”. He assured that they still are the Hunter family and he will continue to support his wife in her business and help her overcome all the obstacles she may face living her life of sobriety.

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