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Why Avengers 2012 Cut Could Be A Great Movie For Sure?

Every Movie lover whether is a Marvel fan or not liked Avengers Endgame for sure. The movie has become a hell of a masterpiece this year and ranked the charts with 1st position. But there are many elements in the film which could make a perfect specialized cut of a movie.

Simply There are so many plotholes that a separate movie could be based on upon incidents happened in time travel.

Future Steve Told About Bucky

As the future steve escaped his old version by telling him that his best friend Bucky is still alive. So now Captain Steve Rogers already know about his friend’s condition, so a resultant it could be an early civil war or there is no expansion in avengers.

Loki Escapes with Tesseract 

Loki escaped with tesseract was one of the funniest things happened in Time Travel but it could backfire the avengers. His survival could be led to much more destruction as Thanos could have equipped with another infinity stones.

Soul Stone Timeline

When Captain America is in charge to return the stones to its preferred place. Then it is assumed that sacrifice made for Soul stone could be resurrected at the time of return. We are not pretty sure about that but still, there is no harm in imaging such things. In the end, Steve returned as an old man and married but he didn’t disclose his partner, that’s where the benefit of doubt grown. For saving the multiple timelines, it is assumed that he only danced with Peggy Carter and decide to not to marry her. This may be awkward but he didn’t actually marry Peggy Carter instead he took vows with Natasha Romanoff.

The concept of time travel and timeline is not fully understood yet but it showed one thing it can’t change your present and future. So for no more alterations, he decided to not to marry Peggy Carter and leave the timeline as it was where Peggy Carter’s husband status is still unknown. Some of them believed it is Howard Stark who was the husband of Peggy Carter.


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