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Crocodile Attacks And Devours Woman’s Dog While She Was Walking Near A Pond

A Florida woman said that a crocodile attacked and ate her 100-pound dog.

Cynthia Robinson, from the town of Auburndale, located in Polk County, near Lakeland, was walking her six-year-old dog near a pond on Thursday when the reptile attacked him.

Robinson said she took the leash off the dog to sit on a bench and that the dog had fun going in and out of the water when, suddenly, the big lizard-like creature went over and caught him in his jaws.

Robinson told the WTSP channel that the crocodile was enormous, about 10 feet long and that the dog had no chance of defending itself.

A hunter from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) was sent to the park to try to capture the crocodile.

The park was closed and will reopen when authorities consider it safe.

This is not the first time a crocodile attack has happened over someone in Florida. Previously, police had to remove the 9-foot-long reptile from a house in Golden Gate, east of Naples, on May 9, 2019, as reported by

A few days back, Ray Walker, of Parkland, Florida, posted a video on Twitter that showed a crocodile crossing Loxahatchee Road with something in his mouth, followed by a flock of vultures.

The terror of crocodiles has been increasing in Florida with each passing day, people are threatened and are trying less to go near ponds and any other place where crocodiles are frequently spotted. As for now, the authority has closed the park where the brutal dog incident took place, and as reported, the park will reopen once everything is considered safe.

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