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FBI Invaded A Ohio Teen’s Bedroom And Found 25 Guns And 10,000 Ammunition After Teen Made Supportive Comments On Mass Shooting Incidents

An 18-year-old Ohio person on Monday charged a federal official with threatening him with mass shootings, specifically targeted by Planned Parenthood. According to an affidavit, the majority of Justin Olsen’s radicalized material was submitted to the meme hosting application iFunny under the name ArmyOfChrist.

During the arrest previously this month federal officials confiscated 15 rifles, ten semi-automatic pistols, and 10,000 rounds of ammunition.

Investigators said that Olsen confessed that he posted on iFunny as ArmyOfChrist and told the FBI that his jobs were meant to be a joke during his detention. He defined his stories about federal officials shooting as “a hyperbolic finding based on the Waco siege outcomes.”

source: Charlottefive

In February, the FBI started researching the iFunny account. Olsen developed a Discord server to communicate privately with his supporters as he gained additional subscribers— a prevalent phenomenon in radicalized internet areas. He supposedly threatened federal law enforcement officers there.

Olsen writes in a post on his iFunny account: “Some individuals have lately asked this, and I believe it will enable a better dialog, so I’ve developed a Discord Server.” The ArmyOfChrist iFunny account has over 5000 subscribers and is still up, and many of Olsen’s Discord server advertising posts on Tuesday had removed.

There were about 40 users on the ArmyOfChrist server. It appears to have been taken down after inquiries.

A speaker for iFunny said in a declaration in an interview that directing users from an iFunny account to a Discord server could be contrary to user rules, depending on how it has accomplished.

“iFunny is the most important portable app in the United States for young adults,” said the spokesman. “We have more than 10 million distinctive US consumers per month in the app; it represents roughly 25% of the young adult population in the US (of the 43 million younger adults according to Government stats). We suppose that 100% of prospective criminals among them are 100% related to the percentage of prospective criminals throughout society.”

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