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FIFA 20: Why VAR Addition Could Be Great For The Franchise?

Video Assistant Referee is commonly known as (VAR), It is a method implemented by FIFA for the safe conduct of rules in the game. It has both negative and positive impact on the game.

Fifa is the official game product by EA sports and it has the same gameplay mechanics as in reality. With the development in its Impact Engine Fifa is miles ahead in terms of its competition and never have a tough competition.

With the latest introduction of UCL campaign in the game, FIFA has a massive advantage this year and killed the competition. All it remaining is the introduction of VAR, Will VAR comes to FIFA this year.

Possibility of VAR

Fifa adds every tiny detail to its game then VAR is a big concern if it’s bought to the game then it will be a bonus deal. So there could be chances, if the new feature is implemented in the game, then the game will go distances ahead if this happens.

Appeal System Assumption

If VAR got implemented in Fifa then how the user can use the feature, it is a big question indeed. So maybe an appealing system is added to the game so that VAR can re-check the incident which is out of are of expertise of match officials.

When will VAR useful?

Like in daily football, VAR only works on any misconduct of rule which is a foul or an offside will be rechecked. Brawl system is not introduced in Fifa yet so there is no chance of taking it under consideration.

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