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Florida Man Recorded Raping A Woman He Met On Facebook, Arrested

A 37-year-old man from Bradenton sexually assaulted a woman taking advantage of the fact that she was passed out while videotaping the rape. To his misfortune, he accidentally sent one of the images to his girlfriend, Manatee County police said.

Daniel DeSear has been a fugitive since he was accused of rape in July, but on Tuesday he was finally arrested and taken to the Manatee jail on charges of sexual assault and video voyeurism.

According to judicial files of the State Prosecutor’s Office, DeSear met the victim through Facebook Messenger and made an appointment with her. DeSear met the victim before going to drink a few drinks and, according to the police, without the woman noticing, she gave him three Suboxone pills, described as “Subs”.

In the middle of the date at a bar, the woman began to feel sleepy and asked DeSear to take her home.

The last thing the woman remembers, according to the police report, is having another glass of wine. Afterward, she fell asleep.

The victim woke up the next morning naked and saw DeSear inside his apartment the moment he was leaving, the report said.

Two days later, the victim received a phone call from DeSear’s girlfriend, telling her that she had accidentally received a text from DeSear with a photograph of the naked victim in bed and with her sexual organs exposed while she seemed to be asleep.

Shortly after, DeSear called his girlfriend and told him he wanted to charge his cell phone at home. The bride said yes, and when DeSear left, the woman inspected the phone and found several disturbing images and videos, including one from DeSear when he rapes the woman while she was sleeping.

According to the report, DeSear sexually assaulted the woman in several ways and placed her body in various sexual positions, and photographed the victim’s close-ups.

The bride recorded the images and videos on her phone and handed them to the authorities.

Police tried to locate DeSear, who knew what was happening but failed to do so until Tuesday when he was arrested with an arrest warrant.

According to court documents, DeSear has a history of domestic violence and was arrested in April for domestic violence and attempted strangulation. In 2013, DeSear violated an order of domestic violence, and in 2003 he violated the probation he served for a charge of aggression.

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