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Jeffrey Epstein Amids Suicide Under High Watch Of BOP, Such An Irregularity By BOP, Details Inside

Jeffrey Epstein, a sex offender, and financier were found dead in his prison cell at the Metropolitan Correction Center in New York City on Saturday.

Epstein was found Saturday morning dead in his prison cell at the time when there were chronically short-staffed in Manhattan jail, which has been staffed by officers from the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP). Also, Epstein was a part of a unit which was known for the notorious prisoner’s activities under extremely tight security.

Although, being on high suicide watch after his failed suicide attempt, Epstein executed it successfully in second chance. The BOP recently terminated Epstein’s observation due to short of staffs.

source: Axios

After his successful suicide Attorney General William Barr stated- “there were serious irregularities” at the jail where Epstein took away his own life after awaited trial on the charges that he sexually abused underage girls.

Suicide incident of Epstein immediately raised many questions on the jail infrastructure and systems, how under such high watch he had been successfully executed the suicide plan?

The BOP is responsible for running the ever-growing federal jail system, which holds prisoners who have detained for crimes such as international terrorism, money laundering, and drug smuggling.

Currently, there are a total of 177,234 inmates in 122 BOP contracted facilities and moreover, 35,000 employees who monitor and runs this extensive prison system across 43 states. Tight, BOP faces the relatively short of staffs, a limited amount of perimeter fencing.

If any prisoner has a fear, threat, discipline or health issue he can request a BOP to place that prisoner in Special Housing Unit “SHU” And Epstein was also placed here due to his previous suicide attempts which had located within the MCC.

As Federal BOP maintains the custody of federal prisoners, so it also runs various rehabilitation programming in which prisoners participates in to learn. In these programs, prisoners get good time credit for behavior, working, rehabilitating which shows they have learned and are ready to reenter the society once again.

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