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‘Jeffrey Epstein Used Prison Bedsheet To Hang Himself To Death’: Source

According to various reports, the late financier Jeffrey Epstein used the bedsheet to build a fortune-built noose and hanged in his New York prison cell.

As reported Monday that Epstein, sixty-six, was discovered with the sheet packed around his neck and secured to the top of the bed. He kneeled to the ground and strangled the noose, added the document, quoting an unidentified police officer.

The death of Epstein led to resentment and inquiries by legislators as to how he had been willing to kill himself at the Metropolitan Correctional Center’s Special Housing Unit in Lower Manhattan. Saturday morning, he was found unconscious and pronounced dead in a hospital.

source: Financial times

The Associated Press revealed that one of two nightly caregivers was not a correctional officer. Federal prisons have resorted to filling up support personnel, such as clerks and educators, for correctional employees because of a shortage of staff.

The policy of Jail called for every 30 minutes for Epstein to be checked, but that had not performed several hours before he was found out. According to reports, correctional guards in the Epstein facility had worked numerous overtime shifts to compensate for the shortage.

The multimillionaire was put on a suicide monitor and psychologically assessed last month when bruising was discovered on his throat. However, in early July, Epstein was removed from the watch, but he was taken away before his death. Why nobody else had assigned to the cell was not evident.

After he had refused bail, Epstein had kept on various charges for child sex trafficking. Prosecutors said that between 2002 and 2005 he had sexually abused young girls in his houses in New York and Florida.

He pleaded not guilty and was in prison for 45 years.

An autopsy had conducted on Sunday, but the cause of death had not disclosed until further inquiries had completed.

The FBI and the Department of Justice are examining the matter. General Attorney William Barr said that he was “horrified” when he heard the news of the death of Epstein and said, “it raises severe questions which need to be addressed.”

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