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Next Gen Consoles: Fans Confused About Reveal, Gamescom Or Standalone Conferences!

E3 ruined so many hopes as Sony marked its absence from the event and there is only a glimpse of Project Scarlette. The biggest center of attention will be next-gen PlayStation and Xbox which will be going to release next year.  So get ready to know what’s next-generation consoles going to be.

Gamescom has an opportunity to reveal the future generation of gaming consoles.

Will Microsoft Reveal New Xbox (Scarlett) at Gamescom?

Unlikely there are higher chances that the company will show a glimpse of the next-gen console at the event. Games are a better part of Gamescom but a new generation console is always prioritized by the fans over games. The company should respect fans expectations and give them possible hands-on the new console.

Is Sony also on Board?

When there is a competition then the rival has to step up on the same occasion and should make also its presence felt. So there are chances that Sony could reveal PlayStation 5 at Gamescom and fans already excited for the console so for its bundle’s games. After Sony Dropped the E3 event, now there are higher chances that the developer will be in Germany to keep things right.

Standalone Conferences

Next-Gen Consoles could be unveiled with different measures such as standalone conferences of the developers. So both Sony and Microsoft could part their ways to reveal their masterpiece in their separate conferences.

If this happens then Gamescom could meet the same fate as E3 and the event is also considered as a huge disaster.

Which One Will Be Better?

However, there is a merger agreement between Sony and Microsoft for Cloud streaming. But competition is still alive for the hardware comparisons, better hardware will provide much better gaming experience. So it’s indispensable for both the companies need to be better than another in every possible way.

So it’s just a few days when every expected factor about these consoles will fall off their curtain and show what’s real.

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