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Not Just The Witcher, These Shows Also On The Fans Waiting List!

2019 is a great year for movies and series as many titles came to an end. Like Game of Thrones and Big Band Theory and many more. But 2020 is also wrapped up for many exciting series which fans are eagerly waiting for. However, with some merger, 2020 will be an exciting year for the Tv shows.

These are the popular series which already developed the hype:


A game based series which will feature Superman fame Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. The lead character of the show, Witcher fans will love the adaptation in Tv series format.

Source: Digital Spy

Lord of The Rings

The Lord of The Rings trilogy is one of the best buildups and now it is reported that the Movies will get a Tv series adaptation. Amazon has declared that the series will be set during the 3,441-year period before the events of The Fellowship of the Ring. Timeline is known as the Age of Númenor.

Source: Screen Rant


Game of Thrones is one of the best series of all time, however, the plot got ended in an awkward way and fans were hardly disappointed. There are many plot holes and unanswered theories which will be revealed in the prequel of the show titled as Bloodmoon. It will feature the timeline of children of the forest created white walkers for their survival.

Source: The Geek Herald

Disney Plus Marvel TV Shows

Disney is going to launch its subscription service Disney + which will feature the Marvel characters standalone shows. It comprises of Loki, Wanda Vision, Falcon, and the Winter Soldier are in the lineup for the release on its platform. So merger will be the most decisive factor for the year 2020 and Disney Plus has so many expectations to build up a major hype in the world of TV series.

Source: Digital Trends

So this year could be the year of TV shows and Disney got a better trick up to their sleeves especially. Game of Thrones prequel would be a huge bonus for the fans if it will arrive this year. Witcher is already teased and fans are losing their calm over the new look of Henry Cavill.


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