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Teen Arrested For Posting Threatening Video With Gun In Hand At School After Major Mass Shooting Incidents

Police on Wednesday arrested a 16-year-old teenager, a former McArthur high school student after a department spokesman said he made threats through social media.

On Tuesday night – the night before the first day of the school year in Broward County – Hollywood police received an alert for a photograph that had “a threatening caption,” the spokesman added.

On Wednesday, police arrested Wilmer Martinez and charged him with an electronic threat charge to kill.

The department shared the photograph and video that, according to the detectives, the young man hung up.

The photo seems to be a selfie and has words like “I wonder if I should take my gun with me to school like I did last year.”

In the video, you can see someone who points to a classroom with a gun. Police said maybe the video was filmed last year, but it was hung on Tuesday.

After the police were notified of the publication, the authorities identified Martinez.

According to police, Martinez was expelled from McArthur last year because he took bullets to school.

On Wednesday, the police showed up at his house and arrested him.

“This arrest is proof of our tireless work to keep schools safe and alert the community,” Chris O’Brien, head of the Hollywood police, said in a press release. “Our department is committed to keeping our schools safe for our children, parents and school staff, not only on the first day of school but throughout the year.

The incidents about teens getting engaged in violent activities are increasing day by day in the US and this is something the officials should concern over.

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