While “The Rookie” started in the USA at the end of 2018, the first season in this country only celebrated its premiere on pay-TV on FOX in July 2019. The second season of the thriller series with probably the oldest police trainee starts in the USA on September 29, 2019. When “The Rookie” Season 2 begins with us is currently not clear. However, thanks to the success of the first season, we expect that it will not take another half a year to localize.

While Ali Larter (Heroes, Final Destination) and Harold Perrineau (Romeo & Juliet, Matrix Reloaded) join the second season, Talia actress Afton Williamson leaves the series with severe accusations against some of the participants behind the series.

Larter will assume the role of a recurrent emergency physician in the series. Perrineau will embody a detective who will become the new mentor to Nathan Fillion’s character John Nolan, which should lead to problems with his lead Talia Bishop. Since Afton Williamson will not appear in “The Rookie” Season 2, Perrineau will probably take the lead.

As the actress explains in a longer Instagram post, there were repeated on the set to racist utterances and sexual harassment that she had reported, but was not taken reasonably. So she had to suffer in the mask under racist comments that were bullying with time. Only when it came out of the cover at a party after filming a sexual assault of the person, this was fired.

According to her statement, she was also sexually harassed by guest actor Demetris Grosse (Detective Kevin Wolfe in the series). This also reported to the showrunner, Alexi Hawley. However, this should not have initiated the usual and necessary steps in such a case and have assured the actress that they no longer need to shoot scenes together – which turned out to be a lie the next day.

When Williamson had to determine at the beginning of the shooting of Season 2 that there was still no review of the case and Grosse was not dismissed as promised, she has decided to continue to participate in the series