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Warden Resigned And 2 Guards Suspended After Jeffrey Epstein Committed Suicide In His Jail Cell

On Tuesday, the Justice Department said that the warden of the Federal Prison in New York City, where the wealthy financial Jeffrey Epstein killed himself had replaced by the orders of Attorney General William Barr pending investigation of the incident.

The US Prison Office also put two staff at the Metropolitan Correctional Centre, who were allocated an administrative leave for Epstein’s cell unit as probes on the death of the accused children sex trafficker continue.

“Additional measures may be taken as conditions warrant,” said Kerri Kupec, the Speaker of the Justice Department.

The acting chief James Petrucci, who had been warden of the Federal Jail in Otisville, New York, will replace Lamine N’Diaye at MCC.

source: Financial times

N’Diaye had moved to the Northeast Regional Office of the Prison Bureau. Since May 2018, he had been a warden at MCC.

An Epstein attorney, a former friend of Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, did not reply to CNBC’s request for comments instantly.

The Prison Bureau also failed to reply to a comment request.

Epstein’s death on Saturday morning angry Barr, members of Congress, Epstein defense lawyers and attorneys for females who said that Epstein’s property in Manhattan and Palm Beach, Florida had sexually abused as young girls.

This incident is now being investigated by the FBI and the Inspector General of the Justice Department.

Epstein, who sources claimed he was hanging himself, was detained in a portion of the MCC called the Special Housing Unit or SHU without any bail.

The unit is used for prominent prisoners at the danger of abuse by the general population and for prisoners who threaten others.

Epstein was semi-consciously discovered in his cell last month, weeks after being arrested on allegations of sex trafficking, marked on his throat.

He had then put on suicide watch–but less than a week later, for some reason, the clock was removed.

On Monday, Barr said that his office had learned about “severe irregularities” in MCC and promised that in the aftermath of Epstein’s suicide, “there is accountability.”

“I was horrified, and indeed the entire department was upset to know that the MCC had failed to secure the inmate properly,” said Barr.

The two men who had guarded Epstein were “not a full-fledged correctional officer,” and neither of them had “inspected Epstein several hours before it was detected,” reportedly later on Monday. In that event, Epstein, 66 years old, had pleaded not guilty and was kept without bail in the MCC.

The spokeswoman for justice Kupec stated in a prepared declaration: “Today the Attorney General instructed the Bureau of Prisons to assign temporary guards to the Bureau’s Northeast Regional Office at the New York Metropolitan Correctional Center pending FBI and OIG inquiries of Jeffrey Epstein, a former prisoner from the MCC.”

“FCI Warden James Petrucci, Otisville Warden, was appointed MCC Acting Warden of New York. The Bureau of Prisons also places two MCC employees allocated to Mr. Epstein’s unit in the administrative leave pending the results of the inquiries,” said Kupec. “As conditions warrant, further measures may be taken.”

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