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Bebe Rexha Slams Music Executive Who Told ‘She’s Too Old To Be Sexy’, Taylor Swift, Rita Ora And Many More Stars Comes Out To Support Her

Bebe Rexha recently came out to slam a male executive who told her she is too old to be looking in a thong and her bra, and the 29-year-old star took a firm stand for herself in this matter.

She recently posted a picture on Instagram with a huge caption explaining everyone what she thinks and believes, and she starts the caption by mentioning that a male executive told her that she was getting too old and that her brand was some way confusing.

She added because she is a female songwriter she is not supposed to post sexy pictures which is what the society wants and expects a female songwriter to do and especially with her growing age it isn’t suitable for her to display such images on social media.

Source; Daily mail

She comes out to support all women out there who want to live life on their terms and conditions, she said she is fed up with all the restrictions put upon her and for once she wants to live life on her term, she also mentioned that she is fed up with women being labeled as “hags”.

She also mentioned that growing up is a part of life and she is going to turn 30 soon, and she won’t hide it from the world, nor she will write songs that will make her look any younger.

She will embrace life as she is getting stronger, wiser and much better than she was ten years earlier, well growing up is a part of life, and we all should embrace it rather than calling someone old.

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