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‘Friends’ To Strike Movie Theaters On Its 25th Anniversary Celebration, Details Inside

Yes, friends are turning 25 soon, and we are super excited, we have grown watching friends, and we love every part of it, even the times that Janice made us cringe with her laugher we love it all, and we do have a surprise deal for all the friends fans out there.

However, we couldn’t convince the entire team for a reunion episode or a friends movie as many of the stars wouldn’t want to go through the same emotions again, we have settled to friends coming to theaters for their 25th anniversary.

According to a source we have a piece of confirmed news that 12 of the most iconic episodes of the entire show will be shown in theaters over 1000 theaters all across the US, the series will be coming back only on three nights that are September 23 and 28 and October 2.

Source: Sky News

These 1000 theaters will feature four episodes each night that has been newly mastered in the new 4k format from the original 35mm camera, another bonus that the fans will get to see is exclusive interviews and never-seen-before content, or we can also say the bloopers.

On 23rd September that is the first night of the screening fans will be seeing the pilot ‘ReDo,’ coming up next ‘The One With The Black Out,’ ‘The One With The Birth’ and ‘The One Where Ross Finds Out.’

On 28th September that is the second night of the screening fans will see ‘The One With The Prom Video,’ ‘The One Where No One’s Ready,’ ‘The One With The Morning After’ and ‘The One With The Embryos.’

On October 2 that is the third and the last day of the screening, fans will see ‘The One With Chandler In A Box,’ ‘The One With Ross’ Wedding – Party 2′, ‘The One Where Everyone Finds Out’ and ‘The One Where Ross Got High.’ Hope you don’t miss any of the nights.

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