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Google Stadia: How PC Gaming Will Be Unaffected By It’s Arrival?

Gaming is quite popular, some prefer to play on their PC’s and some of them using consoles. But with the arrival of Google stadia, these two are under bigger threat now.

How Google stadia will change gaming scenario?

Google stadia will bring something that is none less than a revolution, game streaming service on a large data scale. The most important factor of gaming is portability and Google stadia offer it in a tremendous way. A Google stadia personalized controller is required and a screen for the output of the desired game. So it would be easier to operate Google stadia rather than pc and consoles.

Even television sets will play a vital role in gaming for now as screen is much concerned rather than a strong gaming system in terms of hardware.

How Google stadia will Affect Pc gaming?

Pc gaming is kind of forever and can’t be beaten easily whether there will be much impact on Google stadia in the near future. So PC gaming can continue for years as people can find it more relaxing and suitable in comparison to others.

How pc gaming is invincible?

Large user base

Pc gaming has highest no of users in the world and no are increasing day by day. However, Bitcoin mining was affecting PC gaming for years but now it’s stable after decreasing popularity of crypto-currency.

Games library

PC games have a vast library and according to stats, there are 100 to 125 games added per day in the pc games section. So users have a whole lot to play and make PC gaming worth the hype.

Better optimization

PC gaming has an indispensable factor which is the reason for its smooth experience and that is its optimization. PC gamers can play a game according to their speciations, whether it’s low, adjusted or recommended.

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