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How PlayStation And Xbox Can Manage Library Simultaneously After Merger?

Impossible things are never impossible and for your survival, you have to befriend with your enemy. This example set by Xbox and Sony who are now collaborating for their survival in the gaming world.
After the introduction of Google Stadia, these two gaming consoles giant were in imminent danger. Google Stadia uses Cloud technology for its gaming platform which requires only a screen, subscription, and the desired controller.

After the merger, it is reported that both Microsoft and Sony which could diminish Googles Stadia.

Will Both Share the Same Library?

The merger between Xbox and PlayStation is questionable after all because of the games library. The merger will provide a cloud platform to both consoles which clearly means storage for games. So there is a possibility that games library could be shared between the two or it couldn’t happen either way. this move is still an assumption for us.

How Both Consoles Survive The Competition?

⦁ Cloud Storage

The biggest factor which made Google stadia ahead of these consoles is cloud storage. Games will store online for the Gamers as a digital library is concerned whereas Xbox and PlayStation also depend on Physical copies and default storage. But now after the merger, Microsoft makes Azure in charge and provide cloud storage for the consoles.

⦁ Hardware

Xbox and PlayStation are always leading in terms of hardware, so Stadia is not up to the mark of console hardware standards. As this is the limitation of the Google service, on top of it it is reported that next-gen consoles will have the most powerful hardware till now.

So this could be Reincarnation of the consoles as if the merger will go down well. it will become a historic landmark if these two will succeed in the future, but there is no information about the competition between the two. Will it be over forever or they just agreeing on storage basis, we will find out soon.

  • Exclusives

Both Xbox and PlayStation have a traditional formula which is the reason behind their success. They have their own exclusive content for their consoles which makes them more vulnerable. They have a major collaboration with the developers so that they can take advantage of the scenario.

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