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Jeffrey Epstein Was Murdered And He Never Committed Suicide, Here’s why

Jeffrey Epstein case has been highly complicated by all the events that took place during it some people call it a suicide, however, some believe that it was a murder, Jeffrey is a multi-millionaire financier who has been charged under sex-trafficking of underaged girls his trial was yet to being and before anything could have gone down Jeffrey was found dead in his cell.

Earlier we also got news from the prison where he had kept that he found a blade somewhere and tried to kill himself and since then he was being kept under suicide watch and yet he was able to do this to himself some people blame the authorities that they failed at doing their job correctly.

Jeffrey was found hanging in his cell when security tried to provide him with life-saving measure, but his body was unresponsive, and he died, he had taken to the local hospital where the staff announced him dead, the case has been further given to the FBI to inquire as the authorities have failed to provide an inmate with adequate security.

source; Cnbc.com

Jeffrey’s autopsy has been done, but no further information has been given to the media as of yet, they need to examine more things.

However, the cause of death is abnormal which clearly indicates that it could be murder and not a successful suicide attempt, what is shocking for people is that even after Jeffrey being under higher security for his previous suicide attempt he was left unwatched by the authorities, and they will have to give a clear answer to their irresponsible duty.

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