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Disney’s Unbeatable Reign Continues As ‘The Lion King’ Roars On ‘Hobbs And Shaw’ In The Weekend Box Office

Woohoo! with $71.4  million, Walt Disney’s remake of the animated property, The Lion King climbed the worldwide box office in the past weekend. That follows its 20-day domestic total to $448.92 million.

According to the all-time grosser list, It is just above The Dark Knight Rises ($448 million back in 2012) and just below Avengers: Age of Ultron ($459 million back in 2015). Hobbs and Shaw is once again the winner at the worldwide box office, as the films brought in $86.2 million in the past weekend.

With that, the movie is now the highest-grossing Disney remake, with a total of $1.334 billion, surpassing the previous leader 2017’s Beauty and the Beast of $1.263 billion.

source: slash film

Hobbs and Shaw’s premiere was in France of $6.9 million, Italy with $2.6 million, and Belgium with $1.6 million this week, with South Korea on August 15 and China on August 23 still on the calendar.

China has been huge for the Fast and Furious franchise with the past two entries, with Furious 7, and The Fate of the Furious it made nearly $400 million, and it will be unusual to see where Hobbs and Shaw will stand.

Simultaneously, this weekend The Lion King made an estimated $20 million in the US and the remaining $51.4 million from the rest of the world. And as a whole, it made  $1.333 billion total, $473.1 million in the US, and $861.5 million outside the US.

Among the last mentioned, the most prominent international markets for The Lion King are China with an estimate of $120 million, the UK with $73.9 million, France with $61.4 million, Brazil with $60.4 million and Mexico with $49 million. And In India, it has made about $25 million, per Disney India.

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