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El Paso Ammunition Store Owner Claims Sales Of Guns Have Doubled Since The Mass Shooting Incidents

The El Paso Walmart shooting has been the most talked-about topic, and we need to spread awareness about the incident that took place which has shook the entire country, 20 people died in this incident, and almost a dozen people were found injured.

Walmart has taken a step ahead to control the number of guns that are being sold, earlier Walmart used to sell one out of the 50 guns sold and one out of five bullets sold and due to the recent shooting Walmart is under enormous pressure to limit the number of weapons in America.

Walmart’s CEO Doug McMillon came out to the public about this issue he said that “common-sense changes” he also mentioned that the company has made specific changes like not giving guns to people below 21 he also came up with another discussion on the background checks of people who buy these guns he, however, did not give out any statement on whether the company is planning to remove arms of their shelves or not.

Source; Npr

McMillon talked about how these experiences help us think through and create a safer environment for people, and he plans to create a safer environment in his stores, however, as we know that Walmart previously had removed firearms from most of their stores after the mass killing of elementary students in Newtown, Connecticut in 2015.

They have a stringent policy before providing guns to anyone, they require a three-day background check, and only after the store is delighted with the information they allow the person to keep a weapon.

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