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Implementing Ray Tracing In Nvidia 10 And 16 Series Useful Or Not?

Ray Tracing is one of the major factors which became so much decisive in terms of Gaming and it adds a real composure to the Game. Ray tracing is quite popular in Nvidia high-end RTX series cards but the good news for older graphics cards version is that it is available for 10 series and 16 series cards.

10 series and 16 series Graphics cards have every range related to prices, 1050 Ti (low end) version is available for 216$  in the market whereas 1060 series starts from 219$ to 350$ which is the mid-range of 10 series cards and 1070 and 1080 fall under the category of above 1000$ in the market.

16 series is the newcomer in the market and its product 1660 and  1660 Ti massively appreciated by the Gamers and it starts from 375$ to 419$.

Ray Tracing enabled through the driver version 425.31 and it is the functioning of making some graphics and textures look realistic and a pleasure for the human eye to watch.

So we know what Raytracing is, But we don’t know how does it perform on Nvidia’s older graphics cards, as well as the new entry  GeForce GTX 16 series. But finally, we have the results which show the functioning of Ray tracing in Nvidia Graphic cards.

Nvidia Gtx 2080 Ti has an average frame of 80 per second in Battlefield V and the number goes down as the series downgraded to its lowest Ray tracing available on the graphics cards.

Rtx 2080 Ti performs better in conditions of Ray tracing and give maximum performance to the system whereas 1060 is on the bottom of the table as it only collects an average of 20 Fps in the modern games.

So Ray tracing is only beneficial when you have a powerful systems 1050 versions omitted in the list of Ray tracing feature.

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