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Lost In Space Season 2 Can Introduce A New Villain, Here’s Everything We Know So Far

‘More danger, Will Robinson.’ Lost in space 2 coming soon.

Original 60’s incarnation Lost In Space was reconceptualized by Netflix back in April 2018. And, since the first season ended in a way, fans are eagerly waiting for season 2 to showcase.

It has confirmed that Season 2 is returning to the streaming on Netflix. The filming of the new season began back in September in Vancouver. Filming of the season 1 took seven months around. The second season was officially announced on May 14, 2018, by Netflix, almost after one month of release of season 1. Also, its premiere has expected towards the end of this year or early 2020.

source: indiewire

The series addresses Maureen and John Robinson played by Molly Parker and Toby Stephens, and their three children Judy, will and Penny, played by Taylor Russell, Maxwell Jenkins and Mina Sundwall who had sent on a space mission in Season 1.

Lost in Space has to distort a massive aggregate sci-fi action with its assumption as a family drama, and their take on the Robinsons shows stupendous potential.

Also, characters like Vijay, Victor, the Watanabe, and more will be back home on aboard. The show has a unique opportunity to make its cast even huge, even in the absence of those supporting characters.

The Robinsons find themselves in an unknown part of Space – a planet or star system, that recreates the art drawn by the Robot earlier in the season. The Robinsons have been transported to a truly remote and unknown corner of the universe, far, far away.

Good news for Sci-fi enthusiasts. Brown Books are set to publish a Lost in Space novel which has been written by Kevin Emerson. The book will be available to buy on Amazon and other e-commerce websites from this November.

Trailer is yet to release. It’s still a bit early for that.

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