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Miley Cyrus Opens Up On Her Split-Up With Liam Hemsworth,”It’s About Time To Let Go”

Only days have passed since Miley Cyrus (26), and Liam Hemsworth (29) announced their breakup after only eight months of marriage and around ten years of relationship. Pals, now Miley releases a new song that deals with the breakup – but that was fast!

Miley Cyrus new song is called “Slide Away” and sounds suspiciously after a Breakup song, in which she discusses the separation from her husband, Liam Hemsworth. “Once upon a time there was a paradise, once I had paralyzed. I think I will miss these harbor lights. But it’s time to let it go. It had once made for us, one day I woke up and it turned to dust, “Miley sings in the song.

The two got to know each other during the filming of “With you by my side,” at that time Miley was 17 years old, she also speaks in her new song: “It has to go on, we are no longer 17. I am not more the same; you say that everything has changed. That’s right; I’m an adult now. ”

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The couple was involved with a more extended break for about ten years. In December 2018, surprisingly, a wedding in no circle followed, it should be the highlight of her love. After only eight months together, they now announced their final separation.

Shortly after that, the singer had already spotted with a new woman at her side. Together with Kaitlyn Carter, she was vacationing in Italy, and there were even supposed to be kissed. But it should not stay that way, back in Los Angeles, the two ladies had has seen together. In what connection they are to each other currently not known. Cyrus made no secret in the past that it is both men and women.

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