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Netflix’s La Casa De Papel ‘Money Heist’ Season 4: Latest News And Other Updates

Recently, the premiere of the third season of the Spanish series broke an audience record, with more than 34 million viewers worldwide.

Money Heist keeps giving what to talk about. Recently, the Spanish series broke an audience record, being seen by more than 34 million viewers worldwide, at the launch of its third season on Netflix and now all the expectation points to what the fourth part will bring, even filming.

“In the fourth, I don’t know what will happen, if they are going to steal the gold or not. We don’t know that yet,” said Itziar Ituño, who plays the official Raquel Murillo in the series.

“They will not have a great time in the fourth season. They will have a great enemy there, inside the bank,” revealed Ituño, who with this revelation the theory of the true identity of the character that Belén Cuesta interprets in the plot, would charge strength.

Although the character of Cuesta was fleeting in the third season, the creators of the story took care that this does not go unnoticed among the group of hostages. However, the presence of the actress has not gone beyond, at least, until now.

The theories of the fans of “Money Heist” suggest that the role of Belén Cuesta would be a key factor in the fourth season. Whether for the benefit of the police or otherwise, for the famous robbers.

The cast of ” La casa de Papel ” is currently shooting the fourth season of the series. Some of them, like Álvaro Morte (The Professor) have shared some images on their social networks.

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