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Ricky Martin’s Baby Lucia Makes Her Instagram Debut, ‘The Light Of My Eyes’

These babies are just too cute. Pop star Ricky Martin posted the first photo of his daughter Lucia on Instagram. Finally giving us a chance to see what we’ve been missing these past seven months. The answer, extreme baby girl cuteness, filled with crazy chubby cheeks and lovely green eyes. Welcome to the trending social media, Lucia. We’re so happy to have you.

The photo posted by Martin shows 7-month-old Lucia sitting on Jwan Yosef’s lap (Martin’s husband and Lucia’s father). Martin said something about the picture of Lucia that: “la Luz de Mis Ojos Lucia,” which is translated in English to be “the light of my eyes.”

“We are more than happy to announce that we have become parents to the prettiest and healthy baby girl. It was an extraordinary time for us, and we can’t wait to see where this stellar baby will take us,” Yosef captioned a photo of Lucia, which featured the newborn wearing a rose-colored one piece and holding one of her fathers’ hands. Yosef has also posted on his version of the same pic later on that day, captioning that: “Baby Lucia Martin-Yosef being the light she is love.

source: msn.com

Lucia is Martin’s last child; the third child: In 2008, he also welcomed twin boys Matteo and Valentino via surrogate. He as well as Yosef and raising all three children together, and Yosef shared earlier this year that all the members of the Martin, as well as Yosef family, had fallen in love with baby Lucia.

Martin earlier expressed how important it is for families like his and Yosef’s to normalize. He told Out magazine in 2018 that it was “part of his mission to ensure people could look at lives and families like his. Martin also said that “There’s nothing wrong with that.” Looking at Martin and Yosef’s devotion to their children, we see nothing but the highest of the family goals here hopefully, the support Martin gets from his fans assures him that his mission is well underway.

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