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Rosanna Arquette Claims FBI Asked Her To ‘Lock’ Twitter Handle After Backlash From White Shame Tweet

On August 8, Actress Rosanna Arquette said the FBI advised her to make her Twitter account private after online critics Condemned her on August 7, for tweeting that she feels ashamed of being “white and privileged.”.

The “Pulp Fiction” actress wrote on August 7, Wednesday, “I am sorry I was born white and privileged. I feel so much shame, and it disgusts me.”

“I wasn’t raised to be racist,” she said. She also said, “My mother used to take me to Harlem to integrate and all-black nursery school when I was about 4. I feel truly desolate at the bigotry and severe racism that we are witnessing in 2019.”

source: aol.com

It is very unclear what prompted her to tweet that message to her roughly 90,000 followers. After posting the tweet, the 59-year-old actress made her account private. The twitter account was only accessible to selected followers.

After  turning her Twitter feed private only to those who follow her, the actress, 59, told: ‘Yes I’m locked to protect myself I was told by the FBI to lock it up.’

This tweet provoked a severe response from Twitter users, many of whom sardonically suggested Arquette give away her money to atone for her privilege.

Rosanna made headlines in 2017. She was first prominent individuals to publicly accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct, or his predatory behavior towards women. Also, the actress went public with her story in 2017. She claimed her career suffered after the early 1990s when she brushed off Weinstein’s advances.

The actress caught backlash earlier last week for posting a note of herself kneeling in front of several American flags. She said that she doesn’t plan to stand for the flag anymore.

“I will never stand for the flag again,” she said.

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