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Selena Gomez And Bill Murray Relationship Was A Big Lie, And Fans Aren’t Still Over It

Here come’s the hotly debated topic of Selena Gomez and Bill Murray Fans. They are Angry over her Joke. It’s just that they don’t like her being married to someone older than her. Therefore they have created havoc over her Instagram, commenting down every second and telling her not to marry Bill Murray. We Feel Sorry for Both of them, but the Joke is Now overhead For the Fans.

This is Real Bill Murray and Selena Gomez shared a gallery post from her debut at the Cannes film festival in 2019 and announced in the signature that she and Bill Murray are getting married. That’s how her fans reacted.

Going to Instagram, where the singer “I can’t get enough” shared a post in the gallery, she wrote in her signature: “My first time in Cannes! I’m honored to be a part of this movie with Jim, and because, by the way, Bill Murray will be married.

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To this, her fans had a mixed reaction in the comments section on his post on Instagram. While one fan commented, “About the marriage, she’s joking about right.” Another fan said, “Justin Bieber is mad at Charlie Puth and nine others.”Another fan tweeted: “No you broke my heart. He can be a good person to you but think about it once.

Oh, God, think about it. We all love you, please don’t give up on this situation. I hope you’re just joking. “Someone will tell me if it’s true, or if it’s a joke, please (so),” another fan said.

Only recently, speaking of his co-actor Selena at Vanity Fair, the 68-year-old actor said, “I like (her). It is extremely bright. She is kind, and she’s natural. I’m always happy to find some pop icon that I like.” Some other fans were quick to assume and confidently said that she was joking.

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