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Stranger Things: Charlie Heaton And Natalia Dyer’s Relationship

Romance rumors about Charlie’s Heaton and Natalia Dyer firstly started spreading in early September. Over a year, the couple confirmed their romance with a simple act of PDA.

Dyer and Charlie officially are dating, as per reports. In the set of Stranger Things, they played the boyfriend-girlfriend duo of Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers. The pair soon developed a romance in real life

The timeline of charlie and Natalia’s relationship as far as we know- On September 9, 2016,  Heaton and Dyer took a trip to the island of Menorca, which sits off the coast of Spain with two of their friends.  On September 14, 2016, Dyer posted her first picture of Heaton on her Instagram account. Since then, fans started wondering if there was more than friendship.

source: Elite daily

And, On October 26, 2016, Heaton, Dyer, and two other friends decide to dress up as the four main characters from The Wizard of Oz for Halloween. And Charlie Heaton dressed up as a Scarecrow and Natalia Dyer dressed at the Cowardly Lion.

Gradually things started to grow between them and on their social media, which made fans more curious about their relationship status.

On April 14, 2018, The couple was spotted twice at the annual music festival  Coachella together. On September 16, 2018, the couple attended the annual awards ceremony. At the ceremony, Dyer had dressed in gold-embroidered Dolce and Gabbana gown and Heaton in a classic tuxedo.

And finally, On January 21, 2019, Natalia briefly opened up about her relationship with Heaton. Carlie attended the Los Angeles premiere for the Netflix film with Dyer. She wore a beautiful floral Oscar de la Renta dress with Christian Louboutin heels and Cartier jewelry, and Heaton wore Dior Men.

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