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Stranger Things Season 4: Is Eleven Next Season’s Deadly Villain?

Stranger Things 4: Eleven will be the villain, according to theory. “Stranger Things” 3 took our breath away with a dramatic final that he presented this 2018. Billy sacrificed himself so that the Mind Flayer  (Unhappily) did not fulfill his mission, while  Eleven was barely saved, but at the cost of losing his powers and  Jim Hopper, his adoptive father. The police chief gave his life to stop the threat that came from the Upside Down.

During the third season, Eleven has brutal confrontations with the ‘ Desuellamentes ‘, to the point that one of them is injured in the leg by the monster. This caused a great injury that left her very weakened to continue fighting. Shortly after, Eleven realized that his powers had disappeared.

Fans of the Netflix series began to develop various theories about it and have reached a hypothesis. In the fourth season of “Stranger Things” the great villain would be Eleven. Here we explain exactly what fans are referring to.

will begin recording in October and the Netflix series fans can’t wait any longer to know what will happen in the new installment, so they have started to build their own theories about the plot that would follow the story of the brothers  Brothers Duffer.

The theory says that Eleven could have been infected by Mind Flayer when a piece of the sinister monster lodged in her leg and in the fourth season, she will be controlled by this monster to fulfill the task of the world upside down.

“If Eleven is infected, Mind Flayer will be able to control her as she did with Billy, Will and the skinned, to eventually destroy her or use her to gain more control and take over the land,” concludes the publication that has gone viral on Reddit.

This theory could also explain the loss of Eleven’s powers at the end of the last season, and possibly be controlled by the dark force of Mind Flayer.

While fans continue to speculate on the fourth season, the creators of “Stranger Things” have told some details of what will happen in season 4.

In a recent interview, co-creator Matt Duffer explained how season 4 could leave Hawkins and “open up a bit.”

“We are very excited about where it will potentially go,” Ross Duffer added. “Once again, as we said, you will feel very different from this season.”

This could lead us to think that in Season 4, the protagonists will have to travel to Russia to rescue Jim Hopper.

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