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Stranger Things Season 4: Mind Flayer Possess Jim Hopper And Kills Him! Can This Theory Be Real?

Stranger Things season three was premiered last month on Netflix, and the fans of the show went berserk about it. It crossed a lot of viewership records on Netflix and became a fan favorite.  The ventures into a sort of a Sci-fi supernatural thriller space and even digs into the realm of magical realism a little bit.

In the last season, we witnessed that Eleven, the character portrayed by the acter Millie Bobbie Brown, has lost all her powers, due to the fact that a mind flayer got attached to her leg, and when they tried to free her of it, she lost everything that she was known for.

Her psychokinetic and telepathic powers were snatched away. Now, it’d be interesting to see how the makers of the show take her character forward.


The fans of the show seem to think that Hopper was possessed by a Mind flayer and that killed him. But the show is called Stanger Things and a character’s death doesn’t necessarily need to be final. The worst-case scenario would be that he is permanently dead. That would be quite a disappointment for fans who were looking forward to witnessing the brewing romance between Hopper and Joyce.

Another explanation of his disappearance can be that he entered the world of Upside Down. The third plausible explanation for it can be that he is in a Russian jail. Hopper literally disappeared into thin air, and there is a very less tangible explanation for it. That’s why the fans of the show have turned to fan-fiction and theories.

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