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Uber Driver Raped An Intoxicated Passenger,Found Guilty!

Ahmed Elgaafary, who used to drive Uber Cabs, was convicted of rape of an unconscious, inebriated woman. He was found guilty of sexual assault and rape of that woman. He was supposed to drop her off at her place, but he raped her through the night and then left her all bruised.  He picked her up from a Pennsylvania Casino. He is supposed to be sentenced later this year and is most likely to be deported to Egypt, of which he is a naturalized citizen. Elgaafary picked up the woman at the Valley Forge Casino Resort in King of Prussia, northwest of Philadelphia, this past February.

The Prosecutor, in this case, stated that the ride, which should’ve been of fifteen minutes, turned into a fifty-three-minute crime scene. During this time, the perpetrator assaulted the passenger in the back seat of his car. He even charged the woman for the longer ride and charged her extra for vomiting in his car.

The Prosecutor implied that she should have been safe, she should’ve reached her house untouched and unassaulted. But the driver knew that she was vulnerable and that she was not conscious of her surroundings.

Source – Las Vegas Review-Journal

Although the driver has admitted that the girl was drunk to the point of being unconscious, the defense has argued that what happened that night was consensual and their client lied because he didn’t want to admit that he cheated on his pregnant wife.

The victim did not remember anything after leaving the casino. She realized something was wrong when she woke up the next morning and saw her body badly bruised. Then, she rushed to the hospital. Uber condemned the driver and permanently removed him from his job.

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