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Videogames Subscription: Is It Beneficial Or Even More Lethal?

In the Gaming world, there is a season of everything as the trend of Battle Royale games is on its peak. Nowadays Subscription-based gaming is becoming the latest trend in the market. Subscription-based gaming is basically tending the users to play games at some reasonable prices.

So this eradicated the traditional way of gaming as games are not meant to purchase from now onwards. Games are already with the subscription and users can enjoy the whole library of the specific developers.

Why Looming Subscription Based Gaming is Worst Idea?

The latest move by Google Stadia is bringing more rebellion in terms of gaming scenario. As Google Stadia will let Publishers offer their own gaming subscriptions. This could be a bad move by the Google as The greater addition of publisher-specific game subscriptions offers people more choices for the payment for Stadia, but it also makes Google Stadia under threat as there will be risks for making service even more complicated than it already is.

Simply it implies that if you want to use Ubisoft  UPlay Plus on Stadia, then users have to pay both companies to separate subscription services. This could change the whole scenario of both companies and this could be a major threat for Google Stadia as a user have to pay separately to play Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. So this move either be profitable or could be endangered the whole gaming scenario.

Earlier Games are meant to play on a purchase basis as a user bought the game and play it. But with the impact of this Subscription services users can enjoy benefits over a period of time. This move will be disaster or boon for the users if prices will consider correctly for the gamers around the world. Or Else it’s the worst decision to be ever made for the development of the gaming industry.

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