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Was Ex-Boyfriend Kodak Black Behind The 14 Gunshot Attack On Rapper Yung Miami?

Rapper Yung Miami was shot fourteen times as she was getting out of a recording studio. The culprit of the heinous act has not been confirmed as yet, but the hands of suspicious fall on Kodak Black. The rapper Kodak Black is the ex-boyfriend of Miami, and it’s highly probable, according to a lot of people, that he would’ve done it.

Yung Miami, when she was shot, was pregnant and was carrying her baby with rapper Southside. Kodak Black was pissed with her as she got pregnant with Southside’s child when she was involved with him as well.

Kodak Black is currently in jail, serving time for illegally keeping a gun. He released a track, which apparently, was a diss track aimed at Miami. He dissed Miami for having somebody else’s baby while they were in a relationship. He even rapped about his desire to ‘punch Miami in the stomach.’

Source – MTO News

The shooting incident happened the very next day that the rap was uploaded on social media. Miami was driving alone and couldn’t see her shooters. She and her baby narrowly escaped the lethal tragedy but her car got severely damaged. Miami assured her fans that she and her baby are safe, but people were worried about the fact that the attackers were roaming free on the streets.

The Police Department is currently investigating the case, but a matter of fact, they have denied the involvement of Kodak Black in anything related to the case. Black apologized for the diss track and he, himself denied his involvement with any of the recent happenings as well.

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