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Woman Sues Singer Wayne Newton After His Pet Monkey Bit Her Daughter

A Las Vegas woman has sued longtime entertainer Wayne Newton. She claims that the significant American born singer Newton’s pet monkey bit and injured her daughter during a visit to Newton’s showpiece mansion in 2017.

According to the Associated Press, Jocelyne Urena seeks at least $15,000 on behalf of her daughter, in a civil negligence complaint filed Wednesday in Nevada state court in Las Vegas.

Urena’s attorney, Marc Naron, stated that Genevieve, then 15, was bitten on her right wrist by the monkey without provocation. The incident happened during a tour to the star’s former lavish estate, Casa de Shenandoah. The nature of the injuries caused by the monkey and Genevieve’s age is not mentioned in the lawsuit.

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Naron also claimed that a capuchin monkey was uncaged or on a leash during the attack at Newton’s estate. The estate became a tourist attraction for Newton’s Arabian horses’ exotic animals including penguins, Flamingos, and even a sloth. The estate featured gardens, swimming pools, and fountains.

Naron also added that he did not know whether Newton’s family members were present or not during the incident. He said 15-year-old Genevieve received medical emergencies and underwent medical procedures. The girl bears a mark of the bite made by the capuchin monkey.

Kathleen McCrone Newton, Newton’s wife, stated in an email that the family had broken ties with casa de Shenandoah in July 2017. It was three months before the lawsuit alleges the girl was injured.

The Newtons sold the lavish 40-acre property, which has been the of ‘Mr. Las Vegas’ home for 40 years, in 2010 to investors under the name CSD LLC which they opened for tourist attraction. The company has also filed its name as defendants in the lawsuit. However, an attorney from the company side claimed on Thursday that he no longer represents them.

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