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‘I Have No Family Left’ Man Who Lost His Wife In El Paso Mass Shooting Incident Invites Public To Her Funeral

Margie Reckard, 63, a woman amongst 22 people who were killed in an attack when a gunman opened fire at a Walmart in El Paso on August 3.
Her husband Antonio Basco openly invited people to attend her wife’s funeral through the funeral home arranging the service.

He told that they were married for 22 years and their life was like a fairytale.
When I met her she was an angel and she still is. I was supposed to be strong, but I found out I’m the weak one.
“We were gonna live together and die together that was our plan,” he said.

Perches Funeral Home posted a picture of Basco at his wife’s memorial on Facebook said anyone can attend the service on Friday.
This post was shared more than 10,000 times with 1000 comments. People were giving their support.
Just sent flowers from Los Angeles, CA. I pray Mr. Basco knows he and his beloved Margie are in the thoughts of many, including this stranger,” posted one Facebook user.

Another posted: “Hello from Baltimore, MD. How would I be able to keep in contact with Mr. Basco once the funeral is done? At a time like this and since he has no family, time is more valuable than anything.”

Many Facebook users helped Basco financially for the funeral.

Harrison B Johnson, the funeral home director, told that they will be providing the full cost of the funeral with no charge to Mr. Basco after learning about his situation.

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