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Korean Stars Gu Hye Sun And Ahn Jae Hyun Finalize Divorce, Details Inside

Actress Gu Hye Sun has announced on her Instagram that many of her fans and fans of reality have been shocked by Newlywed Diary, which her husband Ahn Jae Hyun filmed with.

The actress wrote on August 18 that her marriage to Ahn was lost, her spouse was in the process of changing the heart and wanting a divorce. She said she wanted to remain married, however. She also stated that the officials of her husband would quickly publish untrue reports but did not tell what the stories would be. The post was unforeseen because there were no rumors to suggest a rift before.

Just a month before, she gave several interviews about her new novel, and Tears Are Heart Shaped, the best known for her role in Boys Over Flowers. She said that her own dating life influenced the story.

source; Korea bizwire

Gu and Ahn, who met on the vampire drama Blood, started to date and married in 2015. They participated together in the Newlywed Diary, an exhibition that examined their newly married lives. They often talked about their different viewpoints on the program, but always seemed to reconcile differences.

When Gu had interviewed about her latest novel, she noted that she couldn’t live with it comfortably. She outlined her marriage in an interview provided to VLive, stating, “It’s difficult to live with someone like me. So I always say to him, Thank you all for living with me every moment.”

Ku and Ahn performed the vampire drama “Blood.” They were dated to 2015 and were married the following year. They participated in the “Newlywed Diary” reality show which featured their married life.

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